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The Great Firewall of China


_67770_6018My job requires me to travel internationally quite often. Once a year, I attend a tech conference in China.  Internet use is much more strictly regulated and monitored there than it is in most of the western world. This system of censorship is commonly referred to as the “Great Firewall of China” (officially named the Golden Shield Project), which is considered by many, including me, to be unreasonably stringent.

The social and political history of the Golden Shield Project is actually pretty interesting, but the most concerning thing for me when I’m in China is that it’s more difficult for me to stay in touch with my family and friends. I can be gone for weeks at a time, so obviously it’s important to be able to communicate with my wife and children back at home. Services like Skype and Facebook are blocked by default by China’s ISP’s. Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent these restrictions.

One of the simplest methods to get around blocks like this is to use a VPN, or virtual private network. VPNs mask your IP address, allowing you to access services that would otherwise be blocked. By ostensibly browsing the internet using an IP address that isn’t from China, I’m no longer subjected to the restrictions normally imposed on internet users there. A VPN is an invaluable tool for anybody who travels a lot, especially to countries with strict rules regarding internet usage.

Browsing through a VPN also helps me to feel secure. All of my incoming and outgoing traffic is encrypted, which is handy in protecting against malicious users, especially when accessing the internet from a public hotspot.

There just aren’t really any significant downsides. Many VPN services are available for free like hidemyass vs ipvanish or They’re easy to use, and the advantages are numerous.Read the review p2p vpn review .


Best Vpn


I’ve found it easier to keep my personal information hidden while using the Internet thanks to VPN services. I wasn’t too sure on their use when I initially began researching them, but my good friend from school explained how he used them all the time and they were safe and efficient. After spending some time with one of these services, I have to agree with what he told me. I’ve been able to surf the Internet and take care of any work required without fear of losing my personal or financial information to some unknown person miles away.

Being a college student, I tend to worry about my finances constantly. Will I have enough in my account? Are the student loans covering everything I need? I don’t want to have to worry about someone accessing my personal information and stealing my financial records and accounts as well. That’s just something I don’t have the time to deal with. Thanks to the VPN service I’ve recently begun using, it’s a worry that doesn’t cross my mind.

My friend recommended the service to me, and I can’t help but recommend it further down the line to anyone who wants to make use of a secure and safe way to use the Internet. There are so many different companies to choose from, some are better than others are, of course, but all offer the same basic service and guarantee. They’re definitely worth giving a try.

I know I’ll continue using the VPN service I’m now using. It works for me as well as I could have hoped, better than I may have hoped. I never worry anymore, that peace of mind is worth the low monthly costs to use the VPN. I even got my younger sister interested in these tools; she uses them as well. It’s good for her to worry about her identity since she’s starting college soon too.

VPN Service Reviews and Tests

VPN serviceIf you’re like me, you’re probably worried about your Internet presence and keeping your identity safe from the thousands of people out there looking to steal things from other people. Thankfully there are vpn services and cloud backup services like MypcBackup  available to people like us, ordinarily folks just trying to enjoy the Internet in peace. However, choosing the right service can be a pain, there are so many out there after all. I highly recommend searching for a few vpn service reviews and tests.

There are numerous services available for keeping your identity private across the Internet today. Finding the right one to use for yourself is a task in itself. Google can certainly help. Enough people have written positive and negative reviews on each and every vpn service out there. You just need to spend the time to find good vpn service reviews and tests from reputable sites and users.

VPN internet securityWhen looking for a good vpn review, you want to ensure the reviewer goes over important aspects. When I was searching for one, I was looking for price, reliability, customer service, and how well the network worked overall. These are important factors and finding the high points for each will narrow down your search in the long run. Think of what you want and what you need and write it down.

Searching for tests is as easy as a Google search again. Plenty of people have tested each and every vpn service out there and written up the results for prospective customers like you and me. It pays to locate these.

I cannot recommend enough taking the time to search for vpn service reviews and tests. They are worth the trouble and will help you decide what service is right for you. Taking recommendations from friends, co-workers, or students can be a beneficial place to start.

HideMyAss VPN Review And Comparison


vpn serviceBeing a techie news geek, it’s impossible to avoid hearing about all the spying going on within our own allegedly free countries. The government, it seems, wants to know everything you’re doing online. This spying even goes as far as to monitor your phone calls (yes, even VOIP), chats, e-mails, the websites you visit, what you buy, everything! Just because the “secure” icon appears in your browser address bar does not mean you are secure. It may mean that particular website is taking precautions to encrypt any data that travels the Internet Superhighway between your computer and its servers, but believe me – it can still be intercepted and it doesn’t take much skill to do it. Even an Apple TV needs VPN if you want to access restricted browsers but still with secutrity (check this out for vpn for the Apple TV).

If you want to be sure you’re secure online, you are going to need to install a VPN client and conduct your Internet activities through that. There are hundreds out there, but I have tried a few. HideMyAss just has so many great features, the subscription price is low enough to not make a dent in my budget, and the level of security is tops. They ended up being more expensive on the monthly price than some other top VPN services like IPVanish, Astrill and VyprVPN, but if you subscribe for 3 months or a year at a time, the price does go down considerably depending on your plan, bringing it closer to the prices of the other services, which can range anywhere from $4 to $10 per month.

HideMyAss is the name you will see most all over the Internet because they seem to have the most subscribers and let me tell you – they are happy people. The service is based in London, England, but has servers all over the world. You can also rest assured that you’re not going to be discovered because forget Internet Cafes – HMA uses over 70,000 dynamically assigned IP addresses. Every time you log on, you’re somewhere new! The best thing about HMA that the other services didn’t offer (in fact I haven’t found one that does) is that HMA offers a 30-day money-back promise. VyprVPN only offered a 7-day refund and even that was generous compared to the others. Check out HideMyAss if you want to be anonymous online – it’s well worth it! Are you having a hard time getting into Canada’s web? Well, there’s also a a VPN for Canada that can help you, find out more about vpn for canada.

Cloud Backup : I am now a believer!


cloud-backup-256x256_s3_1I don’t usually do a lot of review writing or online posting. I rarely have time; however, in this case, I was moved to say something about my experience with just cloud and Mac backup. I am a 25 year old party planner and business woman.  I didn’t have much money for startup so methods and devices that I used in college were still my immediate go to for building my business,this also included external back up. A friend told me to have a safe and secure VPN service provider called “hidemyass” (check it out) which helps me to surf anonymously but still protecting my PC from malwares, viruses, etc, but I didn’t listen.

I have had my old pc crash on me and as a result, I boughgt an external drive to protect my files. My fiancée helps with my business and is much more tech savvy than I. He kept talking about getting cloud backup service as a more efficient way to store our files and this time to use a reliable and secure VPN service provider to prevent getting viruses from the web, learn this here now vpn gratuit for infos on VPN’s. I ignored him. I was perfectly happy with my external drive.

We landed our biggest gig yet a few months ago. I had all of my forms backed up on my drive and I felt very organized. One afternoon, while a friend and I were rearranging some future, my drive fell from the top of my bookshelf and cracked on the hardwood floor.

I quickly retrieved it and plugged it in. It started up but was sluggish. I tried for over an hour to access my files but it kept cutting off. It was no use, it was dead. I just saw my entire business go out the window. I should have listened to my fiancée.

He arrived home shortly.  After I explained, he told me, “I told you so.” I felt sick to my stomach. He went straight to the computer and told me he had a surprise for me. He had already backed up and transferred all of the files to the new online backup service. In addition, I would now secure my PC’s with a VPN, you could check here I am now a believer and my event went off without a hitch.



VPN Service Review


I have been trying to find a good VPN service for years! I have had no success thus far, with overly expensive companies, faulty VPNs, VPNs with little to no data storage, slow streaming VPNs, and pretty much any problem you can think of.

However, when I used a VPN in Thailand that I’ve found at this link-best Thailand VPN service  and test by VPNSecret, I was able to find the perfect VPN for me!


I am a businessman, and I travel a lot for work. One day to the next I am bouncing around from Singapore to France to China to Iceland and back again. And while this is fun, and I love my job, I don’t love the difficulties I have with finding secure and safe Internet connections. That is why I need a secure and functioning VPN even I’m at Malaysia, you can find the best vpn there by click here. I need to be able to trust that my emails, searches, and any other Internet activities are safe!

cyberhosThe right VPN can do that for me. I know now that my location is undetectable, my IP address is secure, and all of my personal and business information is safe and sound. VPN Service reviews and test by VPNSecret helped me find that.

 They have comprehensive reviews of tons of different VPNs that I can browse through, saving me time and energy for looking up that information myself. They also helped me avoid any more dud VPNs. And with their testing feature I am able to try out any VPN I want before really committing to it, which is great!

If you are in Jordan and are looking for a quality VPN for Jordan-follow the link to read the best VPN available for Jordanian and are sick of turning up duds, try using VPN service reviews and test by VPNSecret. It helped me find the best VPN to suit my needs, and it will most certainly help you!

Protect yourself: Surf anonymously

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Surfing the web anonymously using a proxy server like hide my ass is the best way to prevent the Web sites you visit from gathering your personal information (read about vpn service software providers for more information about this). This proxy server would act as an anonymous messenger, sitting between your computer and the Web site.


Using an anonymous proxy server such as hide my ass that have top rated vpn allows your browser to connect to the proxy server rather than directly to the Web site. Your browser then tells the proxy server which site you wish to visit. The proxy server contacts the Web site and then displays the results in your browser. Because the proxy server is communicating with the Web site, the site itself will see the IP address of the proxy server, not the IP address of your PC. As a result, it will not be able to read your cookies, see your listed history, or examine your clipboard, giving you complete anonymity. Because of this, you are able to surf without a trace.


There are three main methods of anonymous proxy server use. The first, and probably the easiest, is to simply visit an “anonymizer” website which does all the work of contacting the server for you. Another way is to configure your browser to use a proxy server automatically. The third way is to download a vpn service software that will ensure you use such an anonymous proxy server any time you connect to the internet. HideMyAss,Is it the Best VPN ?-click the link to read this article so that you can be familiar with vpn services.

stop sopa


You can usually check out the best vpn service reviews at

You’ll need to review them here- best uk vpn service reviews and if you want to know more about vpn service software-follow this link for more information how you can use there services safely.

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